How to Write an Executive Summary for a Business Plan

If you want to start with a template, consider using a Lean plan for your summary. It`s available for free download here on Bplans and covers everything you might want to include. When you`re writing a summary for the first time, there are several online templates that you can use to describe your document. However, your business is unique and your summary should take this into account. An online template probably doesn`t cover all the details you need in your specific summary. Experts recommend using templates as a general guideline and then adapting them to your specific business plan and summary. The content of the abstract varies between startups and established companies. However, there are some things that both have in common: do you write a business plan that you can show investors or bankers? Then you need a good summary. Many people will only read the summary no matter what. Others will first read the summary to decide whether or not to read the rest of the plan. The summary is essential in written plans for foreigners.

Writing a summary can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to start, what to write about, or how to structure it. If you`re a young startup and you`re writing a business plan to raise money, you need to include proof of “traction” in your summary. This can include consumer survey results, pre-order numbers for your product/service, or even the first sales figures if you`ve made a soft-open or time-limited version. It doesn`t have to be a lot, but any early success is proof that your business model, product/service, and market research are solid. Where investors want to see potential future growth, bankers want to see past financial history and bankable assets. Try to have all the financial information about yourself, current investors and all previous companies available in advance. Assuming your business has competition (every business has it!), briefly describe how your business will differentiate. Are you competing on price, quality or something else? Briefly describe what your company does differently here. Of course, you will highlight what most arouses the reader`s interest in order to achieve the immediate business goal of this plan.

But your readers expect the most important points to be covered. It`s a summary, not just a pitch. While the details of your summary vary, Marius Thauland, business strategist at Leiekontor, said each summary should include a few key elements: What to remember: Write an engaging and concise summary after writing your business plan, and then seek outside help to edit, organize, and keep it running smoothly. We have never invested in a company that did not have a business plan, and your summary is essential to reviewing your business plan. The full reading of the full business plan only happens later in the process, after we`ve narrowed down the summaries to a few that are interesting enough to do your due diligence. If you`re looking for a bank loan, bankers will look for evidence of your financial stability, including your net worth, assets, and financial history. Read on for tips on writing a summary for each of these scenarios. A good summary grabs your reader`s attention and lets them know what you`re doing and why they should read the rest of your business plan or proposal. It`s not uncommon for investors to make an initial decision based solely on reading a summary, so it`s important to get it right.

We`ll show you how to write a summary that sets your business plan apart from others. Don`t start writing your business plan with your summary. Although the summary is at the beginning of a completed business plan, many experienced entrepreneurs (including me) choose to write the summary after writing everything else. Once your summary is complete, you can use it as a plan for the rest of your plan. Just specify the highlights with more detail. I know it sounds like a lot, and that`s why it`s so important that you do it right. The summary is often the crucial section of your business plan. Don`t bury leadership. Organize your summary so that the most important information is displayed first. There is no defined order of appearance of the various key elements included, quite the contrary – so use the order to indicate the accent. If your abstract can`t stand on its own, you should review it until possible. Keep in mind that this is just a made-up example of how your summary might be read.

Also keep in mind that this example focused on the rental activity, so a description of the products was not included. (You`ll see them later.) If your company manufactures or sells products or offers a variety of services, be sure to include a Products and Services section in your summary. (In this case, the goods and services are obvious, so including a particular section would be superfluous.) Use Bplans` more than 500 examples of good deals – all available online for free – to research the sample plan that best fits your company`s profile, and then use the free summary of that plan as a guide to help you write your own. You may even be able to write it on a page with a Lean Plan format. You can learn more about this one-page business plan format and download a template here. If your business proposal is a response to your call for tenders. Explain how exactly your product or service addresses your problem or need, as described in your RFP. This will prove that you have read and understood their request for a quote and that the solution you offer perfectly meets their needs.

Try to limit this section to four paragraphs or less. Your marketing strategy should depend on the three main ways you want to reach your target market. By focusing only on the three strengths of your marketing strategy, you`ll stay focused and engage your readers to explore the rest of your plan. Due to the more seasonal nature of the business, part-time employees are hired to cope with spikes in demand. These employees are attracted by competitive salaries as well as discounts on products and services. It takes some effort to create a good summary, so if you don`t have professional use for the summary, don`t do it. No matter what online survey software you use, the research you do is only really valuable if it is able to make business decisions and strategies. Start by following the list above and write one or two sentences on each topic (depending on whether your company is a start-up or an established company).

None! When it`s done, reuse it as a briefing note. This is the first chapter of a formal plan, but you can also use it as a standalone “summary memo.” Investors often ask startups to send a summary memo instead of a complete business plan. So what works for the executive summary for bankers is very different from what works for the executive summary for investors. Your summary should highlight the best features of your business plan. For example, if you have identified a main benefit that you should enjoy, your summary should include that benefit. .

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